2014 word of the year


It was my first consideration.  I like how it is about removing impurities from a substance.  it also makes me think of work...the refinery which is not so cool.  So this one is a no go. 


my word for 2014.  A great article - the best time to plan a tree by Dieter F. Uchdorf made me realize that my word needed to be NOW.  
The Best Time to Begin Is Now 
     An old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”
     There is something wonderful and hopeful about the word now. There is something empowering about the fact that if we choose to decide now, we can move forward at this very moment.
Now is the best time to start becoming the person we eventually want to be—not only 20 .....years from now but also for all eternity.
So whatever your goals or words for 2014 may be - i wish you an adventure as you work towards achieving/experiencing and or exploring this new attribute in the upcoming weeks and months. 

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