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40 days till 40

Not that I'm counting or anything.  Clearly.


Really, this age thing is trippy. Wow, maybe I'm actually turning 50 dropping words like "trippy".  I didn't think it would bother me to turn 40.  Like I am above such petty things like age. I have literally said, outloud, "Dude (or probably the name of the person unlucky enough to be in conversation), my Mom died at 43...I'm like so beyond the 40 drama!"  or "I am so not one of those people who care about turning 40".

Turns out I'm totally full of crap.

But then, if you know me, this comes as no surprise.

So, ya.  I'm freaking out.

One pressing reason is that it seems like the warranty on my body is up.  Teeth, skin, blood pressure, body are all looking their age and starting to revolt in their own creative ways.  Stupid body that I have done such a bad job of taking care of that now it has no other options but to look exactly the way I've been treating it!

Good news is that I…