Book: Into the Silence

I'm reading a fabulous book by Canadian Author, Anthropologist and Explorer, Wade Davis called Into the Silence. I usually blast through books but I must admit this one is taking me awhile. This book appealed to me right away, as I have a bit of a fascination with Everest and the adventures of those who have climbed the worlds highest mountain, or attempted that is the reason I pulled it off the shelf to begin with.  On a side-note  I will often skim as I read, but not with this book, I don't want to miss a sentence.  I read that it took Mr. Davis 12 years to write this book, researching every available recorded letter, journal, military document, and more.  Time well spent, because you feel as though you are being led, masterfully, down a dark trail; I felt immersed in the historical data of the great war, and kinda wished I had a teacher like Wade Davis when I was in school...he definitely brings history to life.  I don't want to provide an overview...merely a recommendation. Check out the link, and if you have a chance to explore this book through your library or through a purchase, I don't think you will regret it.

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