Rooperts Christmas

Yup...we had a white Christmas for sure this year!  I worked Christmas Eve so we decided to have a low key quiet Christmas at home - just the three of us.  Which usually means Pajama`s for 2 solid days, some crazy hair and complete comfort.  All of which I adore.  Roopert was pretty funny this year and I thought I`d share why. 
When we pulled the stockings out of storage - Roopy got pretty excited.  I think on some level he recognizes this giant sock that delivers new doggy toys and cookies on an annual basis and was pretty keen to have it magically deliver these items to him again.
When he came across his stocking and all the sniffs it contained, he would not leave it`s side.  This is why good little boys and girls should be in bed when Santa arrives.
Look, another stocking added and even some Santa gifts now there, still Roo will not move and is staring at Russ, trying to use his Jedi mind tricks to communicate his great need to get into that red sock bearing his name.  Off to bed he reluctantly went - but in the early morning (Kiki had us up at 6:00am) I think his excitement rivalled hers as his tail was going a mile a minute and he was practically sitting on his sock in anticipation. 
Finally he was able to get his stocking goodies out - I have a video of it, but I am so not tech savvy enough to upload it for you.  But then he sat like a dragon on his gold guarding it for the first part of the morning.  Followed quickly by chewing on every thing he possibly could for the greater part of the day. 
Merry Christmas to all!!!  Hope it was worth the wait!

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