On the 12 days of Christmas

Not to worry I'm not really looking to be exact in this little quest, just realizing the humor in the work behind the scenes.  So ixnay to the partridge in a pear tree. I am just trying to add a little fun and focus to our lives.  I appreciate little gestures and acts of love and service more than gifts - a realization I made when reading that darn book about love languages.  But knowing this - it packs a project like this one - to provide 12 days of Christmas to my husband - with a bit more scope and expectation, all of which I have put on myself.

I have found a few great little websites that have amazing suggestions for such a plot as this.  Thought I'd share a few: 

Passionate Homemaking Blog - lots of inexpensive and creative ideas

The Romantic Vineyard  - geared towards husbands - but some cute ideas here. 

A Yahoo Open Question - lots of good answers here

But what about the kidlet? 

Our tradition of doing Christmas activities will still remain.  A little letter is delivered everyday with either a little goodie or an activity that will help us stay focused on the holiday season.  It's usually something simple, like bake cookies and deliver a box to a friend, go buy a present for someone in the family, watch a favorite Christmas movie together...I really look forward to each one of our letters because I know it will result in a great Christmas season full of all the memories that matter.  

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