CNN and arm chair politicians

What a strange world we live in.

A world where everything is liked and disliked in an instant.  Where we can sit in the safety of our house while watching havoc being reigned down on others, drawing opinions from the scraps we are fed, pulled along into controversies created by companies competing not for the truth but for the most eyes watching.

Knowing 27 people were gunned down by a someone determined to destroy, and then knowing that these individuals were mostly little children, it's heartbreaking.  Some 2000 miles away from me and I watch with such sadness, from the safety of my dark little room.  I see only snippets of what has been produced for me to see.  Yet now with social media I also get to see the responses to these images by other basement arm chair politicians like myself. Ready to solve the world's issues with conjecture knowing we have none of the power or responsibility to put our plans into action.

How can we be so plugged in...and lack so much compassion towards our fellow man.  Why are we trying to string someone up?  Why are we mocking the way others mourn?  Why are we begrudging a grieving father the chance to have a smile?  Must mourning always appear sober and aloof?  I hope we can at least give others the gift to mourn, how they may...

Lots of answers from my office chair.  Some tears, lots of sighs, and some long thoughtful car rides to come as I personally explore my own reactions to such an event.

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