Bonne Chance

What has been happening with the Workman's?

I've been working for 8 months.  Just beginning to feel fully capable in my job - like the training is finished, I'm not constantly asking questions or searching for resources to reference...I'm good to go.  Good thing it wasn't a 6 month placement, eh?  Being new to the world of oil and chemical refinery the learning curve was steep...add onto that different capacities of focus like maintenance, turn around, projects and engineering, new software to learn and the process of contracting and procurement with little forays into has not been a boring 8 months.

Balance has not been something I have made that many wins with...if life were a tetter totter I would best be described as the girl stuck in the air, while the weight would be any number of things: my work, my calling, my responsibilities as a Mom and/or my role as a wife.  I have done more things badly, just like I said I would and I have tried to be okay with it.  At the end of the day, I would say I've learned that I can't be good at everything and I was really lucky when I had the time to be so amazing in my other roles, because those days are a memory...for now.

Kia has stepped up the most.  I imagine from her perspective the changes over the past year have been the most foreign and hard to understand.  She was used to a SAHM.  Rides home from school, me at her beck and call.  She has a lot more responsibility and has handled it better than I could have expected. We all try to keep the focus on family first, but sometimes the agenda is challenged on what that looks like from everyones perspective.

The big guy seems to be quite content in his new role and has made some great wins thus far, though it's safe to say he is not as challenged as he would like to be and yearns for a more dynamic workload.  Pushing through and giving it some time...and grateful everyday that we can both work and provide for the needs of our little family.

I've been enjoying long weekends with Kia.  Five days off last weekend, four days off this weekend.  Where we sleep late, slather jam on toast for breakfast, get paint on our clothes, bike through lonely tree lined streets, eat gelato and thrift shop the afternoon away (some good finds today:  a sweet quilt, candy striped pj pants and a vintage Canadian cookbook).  Summer days like today are what I live for and I appreciate every sweet little memory they have to offer.

Russ and I enjoyed a feast of Indian food and a quiet night lounging in front of the fan in the front room as we await Kia's return from an instrument band she is joining for the summer.  Life is good.  We are blessed.



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