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Bonne Chance

What has been happening with the Workman's?

I've been working for 8 months.  Just beginning to feel fully capable in my job - like the training is finished, I'm not constantly asking questions or searching for resources to reference...I'm good to go.  Good thing it wasn't a 6 month placement, eh?  Being new to the world of oil and chemical refinery the learning curve was steep...add onto that different capacities of focus like maintenance, turn around, projects and engineering, new software to learn and the process of contracting and procurement with little forays into has not been a boring 8 months.

Balance has not been something I have made that many wins with...if life were a tetter totter I would best be described as the girl stuck in the air, while the weight would be any number of things: my work, my calling, my responsibilities as a Mom and/or my role as a wife.  I have done more things badly, just like I said I would and I have tried to be ok…

A glimpse of my happy gift!

Happy Early Birthday to me.  Yup, I got a bike.  My last bike was circa 1991 that I won at the aftergrad party from high school.  I'm kinda giddy excited about it.  It's super pretty and rides like a dream.  I was crazy into biking as a teenager and young adult and could definitely say that biking was my main source of transportation.  Gotta say I'm excited to revisit this long lost love again with my family this summer.