My Precious

There is a lot of stuff in my world. Things I love, things I'm lucky to have and some things...that really, are just taking up real estate while I'm too busy/lazy to deal with them. I've mentioned Project Purge a post or two ago...still a theme. This post is going to start pretty scattered, but trust me I have a destination.

Let me start this post off by saying: I love those shows on hoarding. I imagine I have a bit of the demon in myself if given the right set of circumstances, so it's fascinating to me, this idea of stuff, the accumulation of junk as identity in society. Driving too work last week I thought about this and some interesting trains of thought were born. The main one I want to explore further being the idea of precious things.

In art and in most creative pursuits - the idea of preciousness is rejected. If something is too precious it will not be utilized and explored. If pretty tubes of paint must always stay that way, they will never be opened. If brushes must remain pristine and perfect they will never pull paint across the canvas. If color can never be splattered on surfaces, art cannot exist. Preciousness will stop creativity in it's tracks.

Isn't it odd that the very outcome we are seeking is what stops us from making the journey? We want to create this lovely thing, but we resist the work because we are unwilling to make the mess that will get the job done. Or adversely we are so happy to have the product to make what we want, and so unsure of using it wisely that we hoard it, resistant to use it, due to lack of further resources to replace it or lack of faith in creating what we envision.

But here is the message for all my creative friends: Time is far more precious. It is more precious than fabric you have yet to sew into a dream dress, more precious than the giant canvas you want to paint, more precious than the family photos you have yet to put up on the wall because the lighting wasn't perfection. Time will not wait on you to realize that even when you are doing it badly, you are still DOING it. You are showing up, you are swinging the bat, you are in the game.

I am working on shifting my focus away from the stuff of art and refocusing on the production of art, on the doing. Much like I'm shifting my focus in my own home away from the accumulation of things to fill my house and instead on making room for life to fit into my space.

I'm probably even going to do it badly, but that's not going to stop me.

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