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This snow means business

Gotta say that I have a little inner, "squee!!!" today whenever I look out the window. So much snow is falling and it's that lovely mild winter temperature going along with it. I have a stocked pantry and would LOVE to be snowed in for a day or two, though that is unlikely to happen. Perhaps Russ will even be able to finally try out his snowshoes. Gasp!
Wow...a night at home with no where to go. So excited. That's all. Really, how boring is my life. Haha.

My Precious

There is a lot of stuff in my world. Things I love, things I'm lucky to have and some things...that really, are just taking up real estate while I'm too busy/lazy to deal with them. I've mentioned Project Purge a post or two ago...still a theme. This post is going to start pretty scattered, but trust me I have a destination.
Let me start this post off by saying: I love those shows on hoarding. I imagine I have a bit of the demon in myself if given the right set of circumstances, so it's fascinating to me, this idea of stuff, the accumulation of junk as identity in society. Driving too work last week I thought about this and some interesting trains of thought were born. The main one I want to explore further being the idea of precious things.
In art and in most creative pursuits - the idea of preciousness is rejected. If something is too precious it will not be utilized and explored. If pretty tubes of paint must always stay that way, they will never be opened.…

Modem free living.

I'm just on the back end of a marathon blog read of my favorite haunts. I'm 45 minutes in and I'm almost caught up on a substantial readathon and I realize...I haven't missed anything. Much like anyone dropping by my own little blog on the interweb, you too, have not missed anything. Life is being lived and I'm pretty happy to say the internet has not been playing a major role in my life these days. Still love it. Still want it. But I really needed the lack of it.