Hello Shiny New Year

I'm staring at 4 days off before the girl goes back to school. Seems like precious time and I feel more grateful for these rare days we can spend together. Distractions will rear their demanding little heads and I will fall for some of their ploys but I am hopeful that in my 38 years I have become wise to some of their tricks also.

A little success that I'm enjoying in the New Year is a clean kitchen every night. Taking the time to create the ritual of tidying our space and sharing the work amongst the 3 of us. Brilliant. Organization seems to be more achievable when one is busy, why is that? Necessity, perhaps? Whatever it is, it's good stuff and I'll take it.

Kia is seeming so grown up these days. She's handled a couple days being at home alone like a champ and truly is becoming more and more the young lady every day. Growing up. Feeling really grateful for this girl of mine and ever so blessed to have her and Russ in my world.

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