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Project Purge

A project that I've been toying with is about fine tuning what is necessary and getting rid of the excess. We have a good sized house for three people, but it is starting to feel squishy and full and items that we don't use are taking up valuable real estate. It's not a systematic purge, I don't have the brain power right now, but it is a daily focus. Managed my tshirt drawer in the bedroom, keeping only items I liked and parting with the rest. Russ now describes that drawer as "sexy". He said it not me, but I gotta tell ya, it was super motivating. Every little step is a step in the right direction.

Life Update

Can't believe we are almost at the halfway mark of Grade 7. Where does the time go?Looking at getting Kia in some archery classes for the Spring, if you know of any great teachers, message me on Facebook or give me a call.Everytime I think how the weather sucks for me, Roopert has it 10x worse because at least I get to use an indoor bathroom. He will often step outside, lift his leg, just as his body passes the door frame, do the deed, and then pop back in. Can't blame him, though it's going to mean a new backstair mat for the spring!The drive...oh the drive. Actually it's not been bad. The car hasn't failed me yet, and the roads have been tolerable, some super icy patches but for the most part, as long as you don't need to brake or turn, you're golden. Work is getting busy...YAY. I love me a busy work day. Struggling a bit in our very noisy and busy office of 4 women, but headphones help. Still on the laptop and can really feel my eyes fatiguing fa…

New Year...with Pasta...

Don't think I mentioned that I got a pasta maker for and became the pasta maker actually. Check out me making some homemade cheese ravioli. The big guy thought I was a pasta was that good. I infused some garlic into some clarified butter and topped each ravioli with a drizzle of garlic butter, a steamy rich spoonful of delicious tomato sauce and some freshly grated parmesan. Divinity.
Trying some new things in the studio. Taking my paint out of my sweet little storage boxes and having them within arms reach. Think shallow shelving may be the way to go here, but for now, this is working.

Hello Shiny New Year

I'm staring at 4 days off before the girl goes back to school. Seems like precious time and I feel more grateful for these rare days we can spend together. Distractions will rear their demanding little heads and I will fall for some of their ploys but I am hopeful that in my 38 years I have become wise to some of their tricks also.
A little success that I'm enjoying in the New Year is a clean kitchen every night. Taking the time to create the ritual of tidying our space and sharing the work amongst the 3 of us. Brilliant. Organization seems to be more achievable when one is busy, why is that? Necessity, perhaps? Whatever it is, it's good stuff and I'll take it.
Kia is seeming so grown up these days. She's handled a couple days being at home alone like a champ and truly is becoming more and more the young lady every day. Growing up. Feeling really grateful for this girl of mine and ever so blessed to have her and Russ in my world.