Turning 12 - A game of catch up

Wow, I've definitely got some catching up to do. Came across these photos from Kia's birthday on a forgotten little electronic device...time to share. Hard to believe this was two months ago!As you can see Kia was not excited at all about turning 12. So ready to move on into new territory.
As her b'day was on a school night we had a small little family event that consisted of bowling at Bonnie Doon lanes, then off to fish and chips at Britt's followed by Chocolate Pavlova at home.
Yup, she's almost as tall as me. We'll be wearing the same shoe size by her 13th birthday, I can almost guarantee it!
Her birthday treat of choice...chocolate pavlova...link to family recipe blog...
Don't worry, we had more than enough crazy girls in the house a few days later to make up for our quiet birthday evening.
Our halloween decor was a vomiting pumpkin monster. So easy and artsy. We loved him.

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