The Pursuit of Creative Diligence

I was looking back over my art journey this year. It was interesting to see the lessons on the page...often from mistakes, and a willingness to make them. Diligence isn't about getting it right all along the way. It's not about perfection. It is the act of doing. Of getting up, and maybe doing something badly, but letting yourself persevere and turning down the volume on that judgmental voice inside your head that punishes you for trying in the first place.

I learned I can enjoy drawing a pregnant woman, and embrace all that is beautiful about this state of being, even if my own body rejects this state of being. My heart and mind still have a voice.
I learned that paint pulled across the page is powerful. That color feeds the soul.
Art teaches me that contrast is beautiful. Light is only truly great when it has darkness to provide a contrast to its brilliance.
I learned that sometimes it's fun to embrace the artistic ideas of another.
Art journaling doesn't need to make sense in mathematical ways to tell a story. A colorful bird can join journaling about a long winter and make total sense.
I learned that art heals my relationships and my grief.
I learned the joy of studying artists that I admire. Then I remember the joy of a white clean page all of my own.
Art and books remain two of my greatest loves...making a book for art = crazy blissed out Nikki.
I also learned that all pages are not meant to be simple. I look forward to more art mistakes and discoveries in 2012...

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