Christmas 2011

A lovely little Christmas was enjoyed by the three of us this year. Give me Christmas with many or few, I'm happy however it arrives.
It really seemed like so much to us, because it's been a tough few months. Maybe it seems even more satisfying when you know you had to really plan and save for the gifts and treats of Christmas.
I came across a great online deal at on Black Friday for this Le Pan Google Android tablet. It was $160.00 with free shipping and I had an online coupon for 20% off the total price of that. I ordered it on the spot knowing I wouldn't find anything else that would be so affordable/awesome. Kia has LOVED it and both Russ and I have been pleased with it's properties and price.

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. We've been playing games, watching many movies, reading magazines and doing art. We are finally getting out of our PJ's today and venturing out into the world to find some fun. Merry Christmas!!!

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