5 days til Christmas

Gotta say the countdown this year may be in the "epic fail" category. Life is full to bursting right now, with very busy lives and many good responsibilities that need doing, I've discovered that trying to fit all these little extra's in has been near impossible. For instance: Sunday was "have a candlelight dinner" - a lovely idea, only I had invited a single friend over to join us and it just seemed odd to have a candlelight dinner with a guest. Um, awkward. So we put it off. Yesterday was "go drive around and see the Christmas lights" - only problem the day took on a life of it's own and by the time we finished up it was 8:40. No time. It's great in theory, if not practice.

Not to totally give up, the kidlet and I are all over today's task of having a spa night. Wax hand treatments and Christmas manicures should be easy enough as long as we're done by 8:00 for my next meeting...

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