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This has been the most powerful word/attribute I have focused on yet. I honestly, feel like I could choose this every year and it would be the only thing I needed because it's vision is so all encompassing. What I really tried to work on with this attribute was finishing what I started. Seeing my work to completion. It helped me work more effectively and find more joy and satisfaction in the work I was doing.
I had thought about just doing it again, but then I realized I carry it with me as I move forward. Instead I'm challenging myself with an attribute that I struggle the most with. Faith. I struggle with faith, always have. I'm not one to put my trust in something so completely that I'm fine with whatever outcome comes my way. Nikki's a bit of a control freak. And I know exactly why. I have no backup plan. The day of my Father's funeral it hit screw this up, nobody has room in their basement for you anymore. There is no home hearth to e…

The Pursuit of Creative Diligence

I was looking back over my art journey this year. It was interesting to see the lessons on the page...often from mistakes, and a willingness to make them. Diligence isn't about getting it right all along the way. It's not about perfection. It is the act of doing. Of getting up, and maybe doing something badly, but letting yourself persevere and turning down the volume on that judgmental voice inside your head that punishes you for trying in the first place.
I learned I can enjoy drawing a pregnant woman, and embrace all that is beautiful about this state of being, even if my own body rejects this state of being. My heart and mind still have a voice.
I learned that paint pulled across the page is powerful. That color feeds the soul.
Art teaches me that contrast is beautiful. Light is only truly great when it has darkness to provide a contrast to its brilliance.
I learned that sometimes it's fun to embrace the artistic ideas of another.
Art journaling doesn't need t…

Christmas 2011

A lovely little Christmas was enjoyed by the three of us this year. Give me Christmas with many or few, I'm happy however it arrives.
It really seemed like so much to us, because it's been a tough few months. Maybe it seems even more satisfying when you know you had to really plan and save for the gifts and treats of Christmas.
I came across a great online deal at on Black Friday for this Le Pan Google Android tablet. It was $160.00 with free shipping and I had an online coupon for 20% off the total price of that. I ordered it on the spot knowing I wouldn't find anything else that would be so affordable/awesome. Kia has LOVED it and both Russ and I have been pleased with it's properties and price.
Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. We've been playing games, watching many movies, reading magazines and doing art. We are finally getting out of our PJ's today and venturing out into the world to find some fun. Merry Christmas!!!

Turning 12 - A game of catch up

Wow, I've definitely got some catching up to do. Came across these photos from Kia's birthday on a forgotten little electronic device...time to share. Hard to believe this was two months ago!As you can see Kia was not excited at all about turning 12. So ready to move on into new territory.
As her b'day was on a school night we had a small little family event that consisted of bowling at Bonnie Doon lanes, then off to fish and chips at Britt's followed by Chocolate Pavlova at home.
Yup, she's almost as tall as me. We'll be wearing the same shoe size by her 13th birthday, I can almost guarantee it!
Her birthday treat of choice...chocolate to family recipe blog...
Don't worry, we had more than enough crazy girls in the house a few days later to make up for our quiet birthday evening.
Our halloween decor was a vomiting pumpkin monster. So easy and artsy. We loved him.

5 days til Christmas

Gotta say the countdown this year may be in the "epic fail" category. Life is full to bursting right now, with very busy lives and many good responsibilities that need doing, I've discovered that trying to fit all these little extra's in has been near impossible. For instance: Sunday was "have a candlelight dinner" - a lovely idea, only I had invited a single friend over to join us and it just seemed odd to have a candlelight dinner with a guest. Um, awkward. So we put it off. Yesterday was "go drive around and see the Christmas lights" - only problem the day took on a life of it's own and by the time we finished up it was 8:40. No time. It's great in theory, if not practice.

Not to totally give up, the kidlet and I are all over today's task of having a spa night. Wax hand treatments and Christmas manicures should be easy enough as long as we're done by 8:00 for my next meeting...

10 Sleeps Til Christmas

I'm hoping for a nap so maybe I'll be lucky and get 11 sleeps til Christmas. The darn advent creator put Christmas shopping as todays activity. Didn't she know I would have eaten myself into a food coma at the work potluck and not have an ounce of energy for such frivolities today. By she I mean me and by coma I mean exhaustion. Well no rest for the wicked. The dog needs to get dropped off at the groomers, Kia needs to go to the neighbours and get ready for her first babysitting job tomorrow night. Then supper needs to get made and finally we need to hit the road for some holiday madness, er, Christmas shopping. Looking forward to a quiet weekend...

11 Sleeps til Christmas

Our girl loves Second Cup hot chocolate. Crazy for the stuff. So tonight after YW we are off to enjoy some Christmas Cocoa with the hipsters at Second Cup. Ha. So busy though, I'm glad I made these activity cards long ago when I couldn't talk myself out of it. Making cake pops for our office decorations tomorrow as our group wants to win and we're not above bribery. Also making pistachio salad for the plant potluck. Russ is elbow deep in mechanical drawings for the theater in Fort Edmonton on top of a very long first day at work...yes you heard me. Another story for another time. Ho Ho Holy cow the Workmans are busy!

12 Sleeps Till Christmas

12 Sleeps 'til's all about good things that relate to a dozen today and what better way to remind us of 12 than baking cookies. 12 for the band concert, and 12 for us. Chocolate crinkle cookies to be exact.
Gorgeous mild weather has been gracing us through December. My drive to and from work has been clear sailing with amazing sunrises making the drive in extra scenic. A quick stop at Michael's after work today to pick up candy melts for our next baking project: cake pops. The neighbors dropped by to see if Kia would start watching their sweet little one - and the babysitting jobs keep rolling in. Well, we're off to listen to the dulcet tones of a brass band...

Christmas Present

12 sleeps before Christmas starts tomorrow. A little delivery system for our girl who is no more a little girl but is not yet a teenager. Little dates, special moments, and interactions to share the sweetest traditions that make Christmas, well, Christmas. I'm excited, I keep telling myself to be fully in each moment, to not be distracted when we share these moments. To unplug, not multi-task, but instead focus on the activity, the experience and really be there. I don't know why this is so vital to me this year...maybe because I realize, more than ever before, how precious time really is, and how powerful true intention is.