Balance - I miss you

I came home from work last night, to the last straining light of the sun and I felt dizzy. Literally every step felt like a fight to stay vertical. It was one of those episodes of dizziness that spin even worse when you close your eyes. Luckily it didn't last long, but in another way it's a new state of being; feeling slightly off kilter.

I'm trying to balance my life and fit in all the things that I once did but I'm trying to do it with 34 less hours a week than I had before. Ya, I'm sucking big time at it. Last week was pretty bad, as I had a couple days that left me in raging wacko mode, days that found me and my family on our knees with daughter pleading in family prayers, "please help my Mommy be happy again." Ouch.

I know I can do it. I know I can fit in what matters most. I have to eliminate some of my fav things that don't matter at all and that is a tough pill to swallow. I have lots of time wasters that I enjoy. Haha. Farewell blog surfing, goodbye youtube subscriptions, adios funzio game - pretty much anything related to the internet's gots to go, and finally, so long laundry. Well, the last one would be most welcome but an unlikely cut from the team. A girl can dream right?

The annual advent basket should start tomorrow, but I told Miss Kia that now she's 12 - we're going do the 12 days of Christmas instead...que another hit to the tweener, but she seems to be okay with it. :) Though she may be making herself a scrapbook of disappointment I'm holding out that we'll figure this all out sooner than later.

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