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One Dozen

click on image to make larger Wow. Did those 12 years ever go by in a blur of tiny socks, ponytails, cartoons, sandwiches with the crust cut off, video games and dance lessons. Hard to believe that our sweet sweet girl is 12 tomorrow. She's at her last activity day activity and while she has been out I've decorated her bedroom door with a list of 12 things we love about her. So I'm going to go, and try to be okay with all this growing up going on around this house...and you, have yourself a great day and enjoy the ones you love.

Annie Week 2

Survived! Now to deal with one heck of a cold.

Annie Week 1

The first week of Annie has come and gone in a blur of busyness, let me assure you. It has been a family affair with Russ working with sets behind the scenes, Kia on stage and me calling the technical elements of the show, we have all been stretched a bit as we've participated in putting on a show. 4 shows down and 2 to go.
Kia was constantly on the go, she'd get home from school, have 20 minutes before she had to get ready in her costume and full makeup, good thing orphans are supposed to have wacky hair! A few binders and text books would get flung into our stage box and we'd be off. Don't have time for more details, but the photos should be somewhat self explanatory!

Some Timer Photos of the Family

Can't begin to tell you how excited Russ was to take some photos in the backyard after this mornings Sunday session, but 10 minutes later we were done and had a few photos to show for it...though they are not us at our best, it's something checked off my list and I'm okay with that!
Off to watch the rest of conference...which I am loving.