Winter is coming

I love the Autumn. Favorite season in Alberta, hands down. The Autumns have been very good to me over the past few years, something you appreciate when things aren't going as well as they have in the past. I'm actively seeking the simple pleasures this year, where as in years gone by my approach was more, Autumn what do you owe me, then expectantly wait for it. Very much a reflection of the circumstances of life right now...

Seems like everyone is reading the Game of Thrones series, though doubtful that my circle of friends are, haha. When I read the book it was called, "Song of Ice and Fire", some of you may recall it under that title. One of my favorite characters in that book was Ned Stark. Every family in the series has a motto of sorts, you know something meaningful to fly on your banner as you're invading kingdoms. The Stark family has an interesting statement: winter is coming.

Competing banners say much more fierce and mighty statements like, "Ours is the Fury" or "Fire and Blood". But the Starks from the North, where summer offers only a handful of days without snow, instead say the hopeful phrase of winter is coming. Cheery it is not.

I've thought about this phrase over the past few weeks, of how winter is coming and what my little family needs to do to weather the season. On paper it looks like we'll do just fine and really like Autumn, winter offers simple pleasures that come wrapped in shiny paper and smelling like turkey, so that's pretty fantastic! The only question remains...will it be a long winter and will we weather it well. Here's hoping.

P.S. Translation code: winter=challenge

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