Orphan Apron and Pinafore

I don't claim to be a seamstress. In fact the thought of someone inspecting my stitching sends me into a panic. I survive only because a seam ripper exists and I'm not afraid to use it. HA! What I do bring to the sewing table is a love for reworking vintage and gently used items into something different...in this case - Kiki's orphan outfit. I found a cheap boys shirt and a plain loose spaghetti strap jumper and morphed them together for this little creation. The full outfit requires a top and some bloomers but here's a glimpse at the apron and pinafore. My favorite cheat was cutting the button strip and button holes off the shirt and sewing them onto the back because I would NEVER be able to create perfectly spaced button holes and place the buttons just so. The spagetti straps were way too delicate looking and I ended up beefing them up with with the cuffs of the shirt. I love how it looks, and hopefully the production team will give me the thumbs up and I'll be half way done!

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