Growth and Development

Despite what the world may tell you this is really what life is all about. Growth and development. The Workman family seems to be currently enrolled in crash course on said topic. I'm reminded of some lessons I learned teaching preschool in my early twenties and their applicable to this topic and maybe to situations you currently are dealing with in your life:
  1. Prepare more than you punish. This works when applied to a high maintenance child as well as when applied to mistakes of our own making. No sense in that little inner voice lashing you senseless, of course preparation done prior to an emergency is the best case scenario, but never underestimate the ability to plan and prepare rather than wield the reactive whip of punishment.
  2. Communicate more than you control. I think Christ is the most amazing example of this principle, as the scriptures document his conversational relationships with the twelve and those seeking his help. He who could control the elements, chose to never control the will of another.
  3. Encourage more than you criticize. We live in a world of judges. Reality shows are full of shows that pick apart, tear down, and criticize and I think judgement is stronger in the world today than any other time I can remember. Long live the cheer leader!
  4. Love more than you isolate. I always found it odd that when a child was acting their worst we were taught to send them to be alone. I've gotta say that when I've been at my worst I've truly needed the most love. There is a time for both but remember to LOVE more.
  5. Love enough to set limits. I always thought that there was no limit to love, and in a sense there really isn't, but in a much more real sense, there is. There is only so much time in a day, only so many resources at our disposal to all us to manage what we love.

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