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Here are the specifics for the upcoming show! See that little Annie on the poster, she's my little contribution...cute right? Lots of little projects from sewing, to painting to building have been filling our days and the show is coming soon!!!! $15 a ticket and at a real theatre!! Hope you can come - contact me if you'd like tickets or follow the info on the poster!

Orphan Apron and Pinafore

I don't claim to be a seamstress. In fact the thought of someone inspecting my stitching sends me into a panic. I survive only because a seam ripper exists and I'm not afraid to use it. HA! What I do bring to the sewing table is a love for reworking vintage and gently used items into something this case - Kiki's orphan outfit. I found a cheap boys shirt and a plain loose spaghetti strap jumper and morphed them together for this little creation. The full outfit requires a top and some bloomers but here's a glimpse at the apron and pinafore. My favorite cheat was cutting the button strip and button holes off the shirt and sewing them onto the back because I would NEVER be able to create perfectly spaced button holes and place the buttons just so. The spagetti straps were way too delicate looking and I ended up beefing them up with with the cuffs of the shirt. I love how it looks, and hopefully the production team will give me the thumbs up and I…


You're going to be hearing a lot more about Annie in the upcoming days and weeks as the show is rapidly approaching (October 13-15th). I've been drawing, shopping and sewing up a storm for my little orphan and I'm loving the results. There are so many people who are working SO HARD at this, it kinda boggles my mind. I have such a little bit to do and it is invading my life in big crazy ways, but in comparison my share is a puddle and theirs an ocean!

Winter is coming

I love the Autumn. Favorite season in Alberta, hands down. The Autumns have been very good to me over the past few years, something you appreciate when things aren't going as well as they have in the past. I'm actively seeking the simple pleasures this year, where as in years gone by my approach was more, Autumn what do you owe me, then expectantly wait for it. Very much a reflection of the circumstances of life right now...
Seems like everyone is reading the Game of Thrones series, though doubtful that my circle of friends are, haha. When I read the book it was called, "Song of Ice and Fire", some of you may recall it under that title. One of my favorite characters in that book was Ned Stark. Every family in the series has a motto of sorts, you know something meaningful to fly on your banner as you're invading kingdoms. The Stark family has an interesting statement: winter is coming.
Competing banners say much more fierce and mighty statements like, "…

Last Days of Summer

September has been gorgeous. Cold crispy mornings that warm into toasty afternoons with bright blue skies and trees slowly seeping yellow. Today the wind is blowing leaves off the trees while the sun blazes through the windows... Loving the Autumn light, the colors and moving shadows that bring the house to life.
It's a good day ya'll.

What the what?

Easy now, this is simply a show and tell of a stamp I discovered in a pack of old stamps I purchased. Clearly stamp collecting is a thing of the past because at the local Sally Anne one can purchase a bag of stamps (sandwich zip lock) packed full of stamps for $1.99. In such a bag I came across this little number. Um...ya. Really? Why is the plea for help offensive? Whose idea was this? Plus, if I was going on simply a visual diagnosis I'd say this kid is shy, not "retarded". Shaking head...say what you will about is in the modern age, we don't go around making stuff like this anymore and then plastering it to a bill we're paying. Baby steps!



Growth and Development

Despite what the world may tell you this is really what life is all about. Growth and development. The Workman family seems to be currently enrolled in crash course on said topic. I'm reminded of some lessons I learned teaching preschool in my early twenties and their applicable to this topic and maybe to situations you currently are dealing with in your life: Prepare more than you punish. This works when applied to a high maintenance child as well as when applied to mistakes of our own making. No sense in that little inner voice lashing you senseless, of course preparation done prior to an emergency is the best case scenario, but never underestimate the ability to plan and prepare rather than wield the reactive whip of punishment. Communicate more than you control. I think Christ is the most amazing example of this principle, as the scriptures document his conversational relationships with the twelve and those seeking his help. He who could control the elements, chose to …

Junior High

Ready or not it came and went and we are surviving this BIG HUGE change in our world.