Turning them into jelly!

Do you remember these? This is the year I actually turned these lovely Evans cherries that grow in gobs in the backyard (by the gobful?, need a better technical term), into something edible. First thing first...you need some cheap labor. Cute hats are a must for all cherry pickers in my employment.
Hmmm...maybe a spotter will be necessary as this "bush" has grown to 14 feet high.
There ya go...now what a lovely view I have from my perch in the kitchen as I pop the pits out of hundreds of cherries. I just used a wooden skewer...easy peasy.
Lots of cherries, I think we ended up picking 6 gallons of cherries.
Along with my jelly making I thought I'd try a few recipes without processing the cherry and discovered that they make a lovely tart. Don't worry - I've frozen copious amounts for future girl nights.
The rest of the cherries didn't need to be seeded (YAY) and I just boiled them in a bit of water then strained the juice out. I used a couple layers of cheesecloth to get the job done. Then I gave up for the day and finished the rest this morning. As Beyonce says, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly."
Well maybe I wasn't quite ready for standing at the stove for hours and hours making 3 batches, but darn it I stuck with it! Seriously this stuff is GORGEOUS to look at, I mean check out that color. It's delectable...
The jelly is pretty darn amazing also. Tart and sweet and so bright both in taste and color. Gotta say I have a huge sense of satisfaction and a huge stockpile of sour cherry jelly - 24 jars!

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