Back to School Look Book for Tweens

Most small fashion shops put together seasonal look books. They're usually stylized photos of models wearing that season's fashions and accessories. We thought it would be fun to do our own look book for Kia and style different looks from the clothes in her closet and back to school is the perfect season for this project!Keeping it simple was key...we didn't even tidy up her bedroom (as you can see) we just took a shot and moved on.
We also learned what fit and what didn't. This top above is probably only going to fit for a couple more months, so we can make a note of it and she can work it into her wardrobe a few more times than other outfits to get some more wear out of it.
Trying outfits with different necklaces and bracelets was the kidlets favorite part. She can also write accessory ideas on the pages in the look book we make.

Once we had a dozen photos we simply printed a 5 x7 onto spare graph paper and put them in an old binder. Then she started naming looks, noting layers and jeans for each image and leaving room to write more ideas on what accessories she could try. We are talking hours of tween happiness people. It takes some work for Mom also, but a happy kid is worth it in my books!

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