A little glimpse of August

The young women came over to use the firepit on Wednesday. Only a handful of girls were in town and the cool part was that they invited Kia out to join them. It's hard to believe that in only 3 months she'll be in Young Women's for real! AHHHH!
It's good to know that she has a solid foundation of friends to make the transition easier.
Kia and her best friend had numerous hangouts last week and I put them to work picking saskatoon berries in the backyard, and rewarding them with yummy recipes. These scones were their absolute favorite. Yum.
Then there's Roo. Save us from this dog! He's taken to listening only to me and everyone else when he feels like. The shaw guy was just here and he literally barked none stop for 1 hour. He is a furry testament to the saying, "never give up, never surrender!" and not in a good way. :/

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