Drink the Wild Air

I have so many illustrators that DELIGHT me and one such illustrator is Katie Daisy. She made a lovely poster using this quote and I totally was inspired by her work and had to add the quote and style inspiration into my own art journal. That's what I love about art journaling. There is so much inspiration out there and to explore the work of other artists.

We talk a lot about making work our own in creative industries. Plagiarism for profit or grade is not cool, but studying the style of those whom you admire is truly a must for growth...so it's a fine line. This is where talent and hard work pay off, not to mention being a person of integrity (you know who your parents wanted you to be, even if they did a crap job at it themselves).

Anyways back to this quote. There is something about the phrase, "drink the wild air," that makes me want to live life to the extreme and experience everything this world has to offer. It's so amazing me to me that a simple phrase like this can bolster so much excitement towards life. My thought on a lovely summer morning, take it for what it's worth...

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