August Long Weekend of *new* experiences

Not the easiest or cheapest tradition to start but we did it and we had a really great weekend. There were some simple activities, like biking to new places, finishing the diamond willow walking stick, trying a new flavour of gelato, but there was a few more elaborate destinations thrown in the mix also. The kidlet and I are always looking for strange reflective surfaces to take our pictures in. Not a new idea, but a new reflective surface...haha!
While enjoying the art galleries on 124 Street we had a fabulous lunch on the patio at the Urban Diner in Glenora - so yummy!
Gotta love the Aviation Museum. It was a great afternoon inspecting old airplanes and watching some old fellas restore some really amazing planes.
We found our house on this old map from 1984. Yup. Hi little green house!
Eek. Glad this plane is not going anywhere!
Do you think the restoration team are pro Edmonton?
Monday we spend the day at Praire Gardens up in Bon Accord. It's really a charming little farm open to the public and is home to the largest puzzle corn maze in the world, or so the flyer said.
Did some gem mining.
Took some really bad photos...because apparently I can't take a picture like a normal person...and if you're wondering why we are wearing beads, we'll it's because baby, I was born this way. And you get them as proof of admission.
Corn maze time. Good thing I married a scouter.
Even though it's the first week the corn maze was open there was some pretty tall stalks!
Miss Kia loved the enchanted forest - which is really just a bunch of old junk displayed in a little forest, but it was enough to get her imagination pumping. The ground here is actually bouncy, don't know how or why but it was fun.
Tree people. Cheesy goodness.
Hay bale jumping.
Archery. Seriously have to give this girl some lessons as she is really good at archery.
Dressing up in chain mail - whoa - heavy!
Petting zoo - no pigs were harmed in the taking of this photo.
A huge tree with 3 or 4 swings hanging from it had Kia begging us to buy a house with a giant tree so she could have a swing. Screw the square footage for this girl!

I can't even begin to recall all the *new* experiences we had - but the purpose of the weekend is to get out, have fun, do some new things and make some new memories and those were all accomplished.

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