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Another Year

This may be the sleepiest birthday boy ever. Had to wake him up to have some cake! If you want to sleep on your birthday, who I am I to argue?
I literally slaved the afternoon away on this cake and it kinda looks terrible, but it tastes fabu! I don't know what it was about the German chocolate frosting but it would NOT boil in the double boiler. I literally stood there stirring over a steamy pot for 30 minutes before I gave up and put it directly on the burner. The birthday dinner was homemade lasagna, garlic bread, green salad and German chocolate cake for desert. I used this recipe and would recommend to anyone.
Not much time to art but I've been doing simple sketches in my art journal that I hope to revisit. Trying to draw a pregnant girl as I've been asked to make a drawing for a girl at my church who is expecting. We'll see what comes of it! P.S. This is not an announcement!!! Haha.

Back to School Look Book for Tweens

Most small fashion shops put together seasonal look books. They're usually stylized photos of models wearing that season's fashions and accessories. We thought it would be fun to do our own look book for Kia and style different looks from the clothes in her closet and back to school is the perfect season for this project!Keeping it simple was key...we didn't even tidy up her bedroom (as you can see) we just took a shot and moved on.
We also learned what fit and what didn't. This top above is probably only going to fit for a couple more months, so we can make a note of it and she can work it into her wardrobe a few more times than other outfits to get some more wear out of it.
Trying outfits with different necklaces and bracelets was the kidlets favorite part. She can also write accessory ideas on the pages in the look book we make.
Once we had a dozen photos we simply printed a 5 x7 onto spare graph paper and put them in an old binder. Then she started naming looks,…

Turning them into jelly!

Do you remember these? This is the year I actually turned these lovely Evans cherries that grow in gobs in the backyard (by the gobful?, need a better technical term), into something edible. First thing need some cheap labor. Cute hats are a must for all cherry pickers in my employment.
Hmmm...maybe a spotter will be necessary as this "bush" has grown to 14 feet high.
There ya what a lovely view I have from my perch in the kitchen as I pop the pits out of hundreds of cherries. I just used a wooden skewer...easy peasy.
Lots of cherries, I think we ended up picking 6 gallons of cherries.
Along with my jelly making I thought I'd try a few recipes without processing the cherry and discovered that they make a lovely tart. Don't worry - I've frozen copious amounts for future girl nights.
The rest of the cherries didn't need to be seeded (YAY) and I just boiled them in a bit of water then strained the juice out. I used a couple layers of ch…

Drink the Wild Air

I have so many illustrators that DELIGHT me and one such illustrator is Katie Daisy. She made a lovely poster using this quote and I totally was inspired by her work and had to add the quote and style inspiration into my own art journal. That's what I love about art journaling. There is so much inspiration out there and to explore the work of other artists.
We talk a lot about making work our own in creative industries. Plagiarism for profit or grade is not cool, but studying the style of those whom you admire is truly a must for it's a fine line. This is where talent and hard work pay off, not to mention being a person of integrity (you know who your parents wanted you to be, even if they did a crap job at it themselves).

Anyways back to this quote. There is something about the phrase, "drink the wild air," that makes me want to live life to the extreme and experience everything this world has to offer. It's so amazing me to me that a simpl…

Art Supplies - Shop Talk about Mediums

As a frequent visitor to a number of online art communities - I read supply question and advice multiple times a day. It's truly the number one area of discussion for those new to art, all the way up to those more experienced in the craft.
I consider the type of art that I do mixed media, which means what it says, I use many different mediums when I create. I have made a few choices along the way. One was the choice between oil paint or acrylic. I chose acrylic because of how versatile it is with collage and other mediums plus I hate smelly cleanup and I'm not a fan of the unhealthy solvents used with oil. What many new artists don't realize about acrylic paint is that the polymer resin used as a binder in acrylic paint is an adhesive. Yup, that means you can use acrylic paint as a glue. Acrylic paint is waterproof when dry and speaking of drying...basic acrylic paint can dry incredibly quickly.
When I started I was so heavy handed with water. Literally I would have…

Dare to do Art

We talk a good talk around here. Great intentions, fairly average follow through and I know we are not alone in this type of life performance. So to say that we FINALLY did what we've been talking about all summer is really saying something. We did art outside. Messy painting, free flowing, liberating style art. The weather was divine, the yard had numerous shady spots to chose from, and instead of talking about it we did it. Happy summer arting indeed!

A little glimpse of August

The young women came over to use the firepit on Wednesday. Only a handful of girls were in town and the cool part was that they invited Kia out to join them. It's hard to believe that in only 3 months she'll be in Young Women's for real! AHHHH!
It's good to know that she has a solid foundation of friends to make the transition easier.
Kia and her best friend had numerous hangouts last week and I put them to work picking saskatoon berries in the backyard, and rewarding them with yummy recipes. These scones were their absolute favorite. Yum.
Then there's Roo. Save us from this dog! He's taken to listening only to me and everyone else when he feels like. The shaw guy was just here and he literally barked none stop for 1 hour. He is a furry testament to the saying, "never give up, never surrender!" and not in a good way. :/

August Long Weekend of *new* experiences

Not the easiest or cheapest tradition to start but we did it and we had a really great weekend. There were some simple activities, like biking to new places, finishing the diamond willow walking stick, trying a new flavour of gelato, but there was a few more elaborate destinations thrown in the mix also. The kidlet and I are always looking for strange reflective surfaces to take our pictures in. Not a new idea, but a new reflective surface...haha!
While enjoying the art galleries on 124 Street we had a fabulous lunch on the patio at the Urban Diner in Glenora - so yummy!
Gotta love the Aviation Museum. It was a great afternoon inspecting old airplanes and watching some old fellas restore some really amazing planes.
We found our house on this old map from 1984. Yup. Hi little green house!
Eek. Glad this plane is not going anywhere!
Do you think the restoration team are pro Edmonton?
Monday we spend the day at Praire Gardens up in Bon Accord. It's really a charming little farm op…