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New Thing #7

Gorgeous weather up here in our little northern corner of the world and a fun filled weekend of new adventures is not disappointing. Here's a quick little snapshot of the three of us enjoying the afternoon sunshine at one of our many "new places and things" on Saturday. I'll hopefully have a post for Tuesday with a good deal of photos cataloging many of the things we did. Happy long weekend!

Weekend of New Adventures

The tradition began a few years ago now... it seemed like a simple task: do something or go somewhere new. Something you've never done or a place you've never been - this has to apply to all three of us, so that makes it a bigger challenge and it applies to Friday, Saturday and Monday of the long weekend.
I've got a couple ideas and I'm hoping Russ and Miss Kia have a few ideas of their own. So here's wishing you all a long weekend of new adventures and family memories!

hello sunday

a small mixed media piece made as a gift for a friend.
hello little neglected blog. why am i ignoring you? you ask. turns out the internet is a time waster. who knew, right? so i'm trying to "improve" myself - offline. its radical thinking. something a little blog like you wouldn't understand. i'll try to visit every sunday. heavy on the word try.


A repost from January -
I was talking with someone yesterday who waxed poetic about all the reasons why they can't have the creative life they really want. Not enough money, not enough time, a family that requires every second of their day. There was no idea I could provide to her that would help; every suggestion was rejected. All was lost, all was hopeless.
I walked away from our discussion feeling sad for her, not her situation, but her. She has closed the door to possibilities and has embraced her limitations. It was almost as if she was saying: my limitations are so much greater than anyone else's, I'm so alone in the world, because I can't have it all right now, I don't want anything. Which is kinda hard to take seriously when she drives away in a Cadillac Escalade...just saying.
What I wish she understood was that we all have some sort of limitation. They are par for the course. We can get bogged down because we don't have the "stuff" we t…

To Nikki on her 38th Birthday

Look at this magical book of color. This became my birthday gift to myself. Exactly one year in the making.
I set a goal to finish my 112 page art journal by my birthday. It would be a book that reflected my 37th year. It seemed like a simple goal but I was surprised by how big it seemed as I neared the finish line. This is a large scale book...9x12 pages and lots of them. There's preparing the pages, applying gesso, letting things dry...telling stories and going to deep places to find them. It wasn't just hard in the sense that it was material based intensive, it was kinda hard on an emotional level as well. Here it is below, at the beginning of the process...
When I started on my 37th birthday, I didn't know the journey I was about to embark on. It was simply a fun outlet...a new artist pursuit, to get my creative juices flowing.
Anyways....I finished this bad boy on July 8th...a day early. It was the exact day I envisioned for spending my birthday, but a day early. …

Glorious and Free

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend!