Summer. Service. Solitude.

Only a week and a bit of elementary school is left for Miss Kiki. She has had the week of PAT's (Provincial Achievement Tests). Going to be real honest on this one: not a fan. I've never been a believer in generalized learning or in tests as markers for knowledge. Unfortunately the cheese stands alone in this theory. The sad reflection of these tests just may be on the teachers, rather than the students, but that is a rant for another day.

A few thoughts:

Summer. Hello I see you, you can't hide from me behind those rain clouds. Brutal rain clouds. Lots of talk going on around here of our projects for the summer. Kia and I have some big dreams. It would be very impressive if we could do even half the things on our list. Here's hoping!

Service. I'm off to the school today to watch my kidlet get a service award. She truly has given the school so much service, from supervising a classroom at lunch, to answering phones in the office so the school secretaries can have a break, her helpful little self is always there to lend a hand. Love that about her!

Solitude. My days of solitude are soon going to take a 2 month hiatus. It's a bit of shock to my loner system...but I love it. Long summer days with my daughter are some of my happiest memories. I've been thinking about what a transition this summer is for her, with junior high looming on the other side I pray I can find ways to help her prepare emotionally and mentally for this big change over the course of the next 70+ days.

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