Father's Day - a day early

Copious amounts of rain have been falling for a week up here in our Northern world. The vegetation is taking on a jungle like overgrown quality... We headed out yesterday in search of some adventures and here are a few of the results.

All of us enjoy antique stores. It's a mutual love we have for all things old and rusty. We hit the jackpot yesterday as we finally visited yet another Antique Mall in Edmonton. Kia was of course drawn to all things green, dented and weathered.
I fell hard for this little white unit. In fact it was so inexpensive that I'm truly toying with the idea of going back and making it mine.
There were lanes and lanes of shop vignettes to explore. Don't be fooled by the quiet isle in this photo. There were people everywhere by the time we left.
Russ was on a secret hunt for a vintage plane (or planer) for woodworking. There were so many to choose from throughout the building...he must have been overwhelmed with options and thus didn't choose any.
Crave Cupcakes and Cookies were just down the road, so who were we to resist? Sadly they didn't have our favorite peanut butter cupcakes (there were almost sold out of everything), so Russ got a double chocolate Whoopie Pie instead. We picked up milk in old fashioned glass bottles at planet organic and then I took them to our Surprise Destination.
The Melting Pot is a newer Fondue restaurant in town and you truly have to make reservations weeks if not months in advance to get in. It really was such a treat. We all fell hard and fast for the cheese fondue - wow. I think if and when we ever go back we'll simply do a cheese course and then dessert.
If you plan on going to the Melting Pot - prepare to make an evening of it. We truly had food coming constantly for 2 hours. Yes honestly. We were there for 2 and a half hours without booze... So that shows you what an evening this is.
They had some amazing dessert pots but we decided to stay classic with a milk chocolate pot and all the goodies. Yum. Sadly I had pretty much ruined my dessert belly with my over indulgence of shrimp and mushroom caps in the course before...boo, but worth it!
This is what two very full people look like after almost three hours of eating. Food coma setting in...

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