ART: 6 of the latest pieces

It has been awhile since I shared some of my art work (um, like a whole week) - so here's a remedy to that. I'm also hoping that my nieces and nephews don't read this blog as some of these paintings are gifts for them...and well, this has quite nicely ruined the surprise.
This set of paintings were done for two of my nephews. I knew I wanted to do something abstract for them - but didn't know quite where to start. Once I had the color palette decided, the rest just fell into place and I LOVE, crazy love LOVE LOVE the finished product. So much so that I might have a hard time giving them both away.
I have two nieces that have been wanting some art in their bedroom. They are teenagers. They're so fun and complete originals. I thought of doing an abstract for them, but I wanted to make something symbolic. I have a series of mixed media paintings I have been making for friends that I call my garden series. Usually the number of flowers is significant in some way. In this case, each flower represents one of the girls siblings. Orange toned one for Bree - Purple tones for Janie.
I'd love to make art for all my nieces and nephews eventually, and by the time I'm finished I'll probably hate everything I've made and want a do over!

This Saturday I'm involved in a bridal shower for a sweet girl from my church. I'm trying to keep the decorations simple, but I had to make a few little pieces for display...and maybe a dozen giant coffee filter pom poms - with hand dyed colors and stamped images...(I'll have to photograph and post them another day)...I also hand-painted a plain little book to have all the ladies attending write sweet messages and helpful advice for the couple.
So there's the latest and greatest! Time to pull more weeds in the garden while the sun stays shining.

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