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Fashion Show

The tradition: Girls dress like boys. Boys dress like girls. Wacky hijinx ensues. A little blurry image of the kidlet walking by. Had a pang of alarm, not going deny it. This is it. Two days of elementary school left. It's here. This is what it looks like. This is what it feels like: 90% happiness, 5% sadness, 5% freaking outidness.
In other boring news, I made a dozen coffee filter flowers for a bridal shower that I FORGOT at home. Kia and I were determined to display them somewhere so we decorated the front entry with these little bad boys - we'll retire them after the Canada day long weekend...until then...

The "ings"

Listening: P!nk and Bruno Mars are my music buddies these days. though I don't know if they would play nice together.Drinking: Brazilian Lemonade. YUM. Eating: All I want are Nutty Over Chocolate Cupcakes from Crave. For my birthday in a week or so, I'm ordering this cupcake flavor in a cake form. CAN'T WAIT! Wearing: Yoga capri's and a t'shirt. God bless the maker/inventor/suppliers of yoga pants. You have my eternal gratitude for making what is basically jogging pants more publicly acceptable. Wanting: To summer in California. For real. I know why the population of California is equal to the population of Canada. Perfect Needing: to do a house tidy in preparation for a family visit Canada Day weekend. Thinking: of all the projects me and the kidlet want to tackle this summer. Enjoying: Moments of blue sky and sunny goodness. Completing: my art journal - only about 6 pages left and my goal was to finish the entire giant boo…

ART: 6 of the latest pieces

It has been awhile since I shared some of my art work (um, like a whole week) - so here's a remedy to that. I'm also hoping that my nieces and nephews don't read this blog as some of these paintings are gifts for them...and well, this has quite nicely ruined the surprise.
This set of paintings were done for two of my nephews. I knew I wanted to do something abstract for them - but didn't know quite where to start. Once I had the color palette decided, the rest just fell into place and I LOVE, crazy love LOVE LOVE the finished product. So much so that I might have a hard time giving them both away.
I have two nieces that have been wanting some art in their bedroom. They are teenagers. They're so fun and complete originals. I thought of doing an abstract for them, but I wanted to make something symbolic. I have a series of mixed media paintings I have been making for friends that I call my garden series. Usually the number of flowers is significant in some way…

It's the final countdown!

What? 5 days of elementary school left. My first and last chance to volunteer at my kids elementary school. Recess infused school days are soon a thing of the past. People keep asking me, are you sad? No, this is our truth, I'm comfortable with it. Upwards and onwards. Here is a divine kitchen MUST TRY that I recently found and did not want to lose! Something for the last day of school methinks: Homemade Drumsticks - the ice cream kind not the chicken kind or beat on a drum kind. Brilliant amazing idea shared by emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Cranking out the work

Over the past 36 hours I've been able to finish 4 paintings, a hand painted book cover, 9 huge coffee filter flowers, and a portrait for a bridal shower. In the midst of all that some laundry was done, the front garden bed was half-way weeded (before more rain came), I wrote for exactly the amount of time I scheduled for writing and was happy with what I produced AND I've been able to get some primary projects finished. This is not like me. This is the me I can be only on paper, rarely in real life. It feels good.
Having said all house is a complete sty. Meh, something has to give.

Lost and Found

On June 20th 1987 my Mom died.

On June 20th 1997 I had my first date with my future husband.

That is why June 20th is my Lost and Found day.

Heavy on the Found.
(reposted from 2005)

Father's Day - a day early

Copious amounts of rain have been falling for a week up here in our Northern world. The vegetation is taking on a jungle like overgrown quality... We headed out yesterday in search of some adventures and here are a few of the results.
All of us enjoy antique stores. It's a mutual love we have for all things old and rusty. We hit the jackpot yesterday as we finally visited yet another Antique Mall in Edmonton. Kia was of course drawn to all things green, dented and weathered.
I fell hard for this little white unit. In fact it was so inexpensive that I'm truly toying with the idea of going back and making it mine.
There were lanes and lanes of shop vignettes to explore. Don't be fooled by the quiet isle in this photo. There were people everywhere by the time we left.
Russ was on a secret hunt for a vintage plane (or planer) for woodworking. There were so many to choose from throughout the building...he must have been overwhelmed with options and thus didn't choose …

Summer. Service. Solitude.

Only a week and a bit of elementary school is left for Miss Kiki. She has had the week of PAT's (Provincial Achievement Tests). Going to be real honest on this one: not a fan. I've never been a believer in generalized learning or in tests as markers for knowledge. Unfortunately the cheese stands alone in this theory. The sad reflection of these tests just may be on the teachers, rather than the students, but that is a rant for another day.
A few thoughts:
Summer. Hello I see you, you can't hide from me behind those rain clouds. Brutal rain clouds. Lots of talk going on around here of our projects for the summer. Kia and I have some big dreams. It would be very impressive if we could do even half the things on our list. Here's hoping!
Service. I'm off to the school today to watch my kidlet get a service award. She truly has given the school so much service, from supervising a classroom at lunch, to answering phones in the office so the school secretaries …

I think I'm pretty funny

I snickered to myself the entire time I was making this.
Art doesn't always need to be serious, or beautiful. Sometimes it just needs to convey a message. This one was made for the bathroom. A fitting message for those who spend a lot of time in the powder room.
P.S. Canadians spell it FIBRE not FIBER.

Hello Saturday

Click here to see more of this amazing painting that my 11 year old daughter made for her BFF. I'm kinda over the moon impressed with it and her!
Not much else to share...hoping for a lovely day with the hubby, some sunshine, some's all good! Here's a shot of Roo taken this morning while he was out destroying the gardens.

Fairmont 2011

I didn't bring my camera with me on this unlike me! I did manage to snap a couple of photos with the ipod, but really it kinda looks like every other year at Fairmont (2009, 2010)...had such a nice time. Sigh.