Todays Thought

Now I'm thinking that yesterdays post was a little floofy. ;)

A reality moment of what today has brains is curled into a little ball trying to process the amount of primary/scouting/cubbing/planning/reactivation/fun that is needed to make this calling take wings. Can't do it all right now. I must have vision. Must communicate said vision with the amazing team of individuals called to share in the blessings of all this work. All hard things for Nikki to do.

Diligence...check. So much to do, so very important to do it right.
Stretching....check. Not the fitness kind, the learning kind.
Tired....check. Why is the bed at it's most comfortable just before you get out of it?

Today, instead of Primary stuff, I'm filling the morning with housekeeping (boo! but must be done to stay balanced), some art, some business, and writing to round it all off. Note to self: Life is busy again tomorrow with jobs not of my own making so I should enjoy today a little more than I am.

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