My Mother's Day Gift and Painting Canvas Shopping Bags

I have a love of handmade gifts and really, in my world there is nothing better that you can give me, especially on Mother's Day. Miss Kia has been working on these little stitches for a couple months with the Activity Day girls from church. I love that her leaders took the time to plan out this project and I'm so in love with the result!
Yesterday afternoon Miss Kia and I pulled out some plain canvas bags and we started painting our own designs on them. So far so good! Hope to share the finished look on tomorrow's photo blog. Best advice on canvas bag painting...don't waste time on titles like gym bag, beach this will limit the possibilities of what and where you can use it.
Yesterday I was feeling really disenchanted with life. Not depressed, just a tad lost at sea, bored, and deflated. So I headed outside, swept off the patio, raked leaves, dug in the dirt and lost myself in some much needed yard work. No, it didn't take the feeling away, but something productive came out of it, and I must admit that today I have a great sense of satisfaction for the work I accomplished.

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