More of the same

Why am I calling this challenge 2 photos a day when I'm sharing like 6? I'm so abstract random. Just like my studio, when it's cleaned up...the workshop is suddenly calling his name and he must spend the Saturday puttering in the garage. Yay, that was the success! Russ has been hard at work making workshop storage I'm pretty sure there is a more technical name but I don't know it. Something to do with his router...????
Kia is everywhere, practicing volleyball, drawing with chalk, playing with the dog, gardening, helping, telling stories, jumping on the trampoline, studying for a test, eating a snack...then repeat. So busy!
Some of the chalk drawings and her fairy garden all weeded and ready for a spring planting.
The Rooster who has been outside sniffing and exploring ALL day and is currently exhausted and sound asleep beside Kia upstairs.
I've been edging the woodland garden, and weeding. Endlessly weeding. I sat in one spot for half and hour just pulling the tiniest little weeds and grasses up. I realized I could probably sit there for the rest of the night at that pace and decided to move on. The soil back there gets so hard packed, it's kind of amazing that anything can grow in it.
Working on getting the grass back in shape. I've been handpicking dandelions that have started to hardy the spring and really need to fertilize the lawn, but mostly I think the grass is just craving water. I threw caution to the wind (literally) and watered a few spots even though the wind was high, I couldn't help myself...

It's been a good day. We had our first barbecued supper of the year (potato packets and steaks) and we enjoyed it outside on the patio. Really the only thing that could make this day better is a beautiful sunset followed by a clear starry night.

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