Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I've been thinking about advertising and income in the blogosphere lately. . It seems everywhere I travel on the internet people are trying to profit from their blog. Every week there is a new online course to take, new blog sponsors highlighted and giveaways galore. I gotta be honest with myself on this, it kinda sucks the fun out of the blog hopping for me. Even some of my favorite bloggers are starting to feel less like individuals and more like commercials for a product (themselves) and I have such little tolerance for commercials.

I listened to a wonderful vlog on the topic by Lisa Hoffman, who explores the topic in a wonderful way and highlighted a few powerful thoughts. One I particularly connected to was the passage from Madeleine L'Engle, where she talks about how sometimes we choose to understand ourselves by looking in the wrong mirrors, "I've looked for an image in someone else's mirror and so have avoided seeing myself." L'Engle writes about her preoccupation with pleasing others and what they may think and expect of her over her own goals and vision.

This resonated so strongly because many of these blogs have become the wrong mirrors for me. Not to say they are bad, but they are not a reflection of my own vision. I've been spending less and less time on the internet because of it and honestly, it has become a great blessing. So what mirror are you using to see your reflection? May it be your very own and may you see your image clearly with loving eyes is my prayer for you.

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