Math is not my strong suit

Which translates into: 3 photos for 2 photo a day challenge.

There are two stories in this photo. One being, my windows - eww, gross! Time to pull out some windex, eh? Second, Kia and two of her besties walked home for lunch yesterday and enjoyed it like lunching diva's in the back, on the patio, with lots of laughs and conversation. It was, trust me on this, adorable.
I'm not one to brag about or complain about money on my blog and today is no exception, except to share this photo of Canadian Tire money that has been collected for quite some time, probably even some circa my dad. Russ thought there was more (It's about $30 worth), and I guess I should tell him now that there was, but that was before I spent half of this wad on a steam cleaner back in January. :) Sorry dear, but our kitchen door fronts thank you for your sacrifice.
One of the canvas bags has been completed. I feel a new addiction coming on.

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