Inspiration Tuesday - They won't all be winners

A rainy spring day has chilled me to the bone and I find myself huddled deep in my granny shawl, trying to coach myself into movement and function. Found a FANTASTIC article of inspirational proportions that I wanted to share with all my art buddies. I found it through one of Milliande's tweets so you know it's going to be good. It's 50 Outstanding Illustrations shared at Inspiration Feed and it might just have you running for your sketchbook.

The image I shared today is a Chagal inspired whimsical mermaid. This was a just for fun piece to get me out of my head, as Lynn Whipple says: it got me moving my hands. I'm not sharing it for you to go, wow now compliment me. I'm sharing it because it ain't that great, and guess what, I'm okay with that. Plus, I dare you to find such a piece out there on the interweb, my strangeness might just be my own on this one. Oh, and check out this video by adorable Sadie, who draw's pictures...she's the sweetest! Happy Tuesday!

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