Ghost Post

Blogger has been a bit fussy the last 24 hours and it looks like yesterday's post went awol. Boy did you miss out, if you didn't see it...haha! Right. I won't redo it yet, as I'm thinking it will mysteriously reappear eventually. Ghost post!Here's a shot of Russyl's workshop. It might not look that amazing to anyone but us, but we know how crappy this corner was looking prior to this photo. The junk wood pile that was moved, the dusting that was done, I'm happy we made this much progress so I'm just going to be pleased for a minute prior to thinking of how much is left out of this camera frame and directly behind where I was standing.
I had a great day in the garden yesterday, happily churning soil, popping dandelions heads up, and collecting sticks knocked down from the tree from the ferocious wind we've been having. I don't know where the time goes when I'm outside working, really it's missing time and absolute focused play for me. Ahhh, so great.

The neighbors rented a bounce house for their little boys birthday and it seemed like the whole neighborhood was outside enjoying their yards. We had salad for supper, which was the perfect meal after a day dreaming of growing vegetables. Hard work is really helping me feel that zest for life I was missing a day or two ago.

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