Art that inspires

My one hour art time completed, I thought I'd quickly share a few of the artists I have discovered on the internet.
One of my little cases of paint. This one is of my little collection of Golden Fluid Acrylics. Now onto some lovely artists:
Mia Araujo - I think I stumbled across Mia and her talent just prior to Christmas. I just adore her work. Her blog is a lovely diversion, but it is her flickr account that truly will amaze and delight you. The Four Seasons is one of my favorite pieces. So much detail, it boggles the mind.
Tokujin Yoshioka - His installation work blows me away. It is so simple and so powerful. I would love to experience a space he has transformed. He is also accepting intern's right now and I've never wanted to be able to speak Japanese so badly...oh and maybe be 19 again.
Krista Huot is an illustrator after my own heart. I love her collection of fairy tale characters and find her work a wonderful invitation to do something new with something old. We often get bogged down with the idea that it's all been done before. She reminds that it is okay to do it again, your way.

Painting Kitty is a blog by Victoria La Paz, an artist I stumbled across in one of my online forays and have been so glad I have. Kitty refers to her daughter and muse and she paints her beautifully. I love her art and her ongoing journey as an artist is inspiring - she also shop talks about the process, which I LOVE.

I don't dare share more, because honestly, I've provided you with a solid hour of internet enjoyment with those four links and who has time for more!

All the interwebbing has destroyed my keyboard. No your eyes aren't having trouble focusing the letters have faded away, and on top of that it's just plain filthy. This little bad boy has been well used. A fitting photo of the day and reminder to clean your keyboard - cuz this one of mine be gross ya'll!

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