Art Journaling: The Unfinished Page

On one the message boards I frequent I responded to a discussion about someone feeling as though there page was undone, or's my take on the unfinished page:

I think sometimes a page isn't done because the message of the page isn't done within us. I have found that sometimes the lesson is in pushing to finish it, but sometimes the lesson is to leave it, turn the page and move forward with the intention to revisit that page in the future. I have pages that I have gone back to a year later and was final able to complete, in ways that I wasn't able to perceive before.

Art journaling is such a reflection of who we are and where we are. When we start we are all about the base, its so hard to see beyond that first level, to mark up the beauty of that first wash of color. My first art journal was filled with washes of color, almost entirely before I had the vision to add messages, text and imagery to the page. For me I realized that the process of adding color to the page was my act of celebrating the simple delight of me discovering this new creative outlet, and I didn't need to do more to find happiness. My lesson became perspective and the kindness to allow my new inner artistic voice to do simple things, to do things poorly or perfectly, and ultimately patience to wait for the page to transform on a timeline that was genuine and authentic to my journey.

Wow, it's like I was channeling my inner hippy guru. Love it. Ha!

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