6 years in the garden

Here's a little cyber garden tour of what has been growing and attempted in the past six years of gardening here in our little patch of earth. A garden evolves, and nothing reminds me more of this than our back woodland garden. It's still not done! Patience, a lesson learned from gardening.
Those darn rocks have been the bane of my gardening existance. They once lined the way between the lawn and the garden, it was a horrible pain, where grass would grow through and be impossible to trim properly. It always looked unfinished.
Here you can see what I mean. Kia is standing on the border of rocks, but I'd already started moving rocks into the garden to create a meandering creek bed vibe.
Note the little skunk trap in the distance. Yes, my garden has produced 3 skunked dog encounters. Not so lovely. But back to the rock bed, so much work, but I'm really pleased with the result. Lots of trial and error has gone into discovering what grows and does not grow in this area. I thought ferns would thrive back here but they die a speedy death. Hostas, however flourish, as do Daylilies, so all is not lost.
Now onto the vegetable garden:
Peas are a delicacy that takes very little effort to grow. Who doesn't love popping a fresh pod of peas open and eating each sweet little morsel fresh from the garden. They rarely make into the kitchen around here!
Carrots. Really the ones in the stores are terrible compared to these core-less Nantes. It's sad that often the tastiest varieties of vegetables aren't available in grocery stores because they aren't durable enough for transport...yummy varieties are a huge perk to the home veggie gardener.
I've made my fair share of mistakes also. Like planting a pumpkin but not giving it enough room. I had no idea that these things required about a 6 foot square area per plant! That pumpkin vine attacked everything, even my barbecue was not safe from it's viney clutches.
Found this one of my very pregnant friend standing next to the best potato crop I have ever planted. Really those were some good, giant Yukon gold potatoes. Kari Lynn produced a rather adorable little girl as well.
Most people plant sweet peas in spring but I decided to try it in August. By mid September I had gorgeous sweet peas trailing everywhere...a happy discovery. They love the cool, so they are wonderful in Spring and Autumn in my opinion!
The new garden planter boxes are a delight. Russ build them a couple years ago and I have big plans for them later today when I put 70% of my veggie garden in.
I love the little side messes of planting season, they tell a story and let me know how old that bulb fertilizer is...good to know!
My compost love, caught on camera...pre-raised veggie garden beds.
Love these shots of us working on putting the garden in. My favorite thing to do is draw flower placement and redesign the vegetable garden placement every spring.

Container Gardening

I've started venturing into some container gardening. I love growing herbs in long rectangular containers like the one below. Two of these sized containers jammed with herbs keeps us in fresh herbs all summer and autumn.
I love having containers of flowers up the front steps. So welcoming.
A happy discovery has been the ability to grow Nasturtiums from seeding directly into the garden soil. Love them (the orange flower in the container below).
For the love of berries

Saskatoon berries are abundant in the yard. Such a good crop last year!
I have big plans for my Evans cherry bush this year. Syrups and jellies galore. Well, I can dream right?
The Firepit
I think everyone is aware of my adoration for our fire pit area. I love me a fire pit! It allows me to have the only part of camping that I really love in the comfort of my own backyard. Sadly during summer we are usually unable to enjoy it, (hello fire bans) but that's okay, I've learned that I love a fire early in the spring and late into the fall. These are the perfect evenings to really appreciate a fire.
Honestly, I look at these images and just sigh with contentment. What a happy place!

Always some little project on the go weather it be something small, like putting down weed barrier to larger projects, like making a mini golf course hole in the back, we've had some grand plans.

Though my most favorite homemade project is the gardening table that Russ built me. Love! It's looking more weathered and that makes me love it even more. Happiness.
Russ is always building something, here, he's working on our shed.
Often the projects are decided for us, like constantly raking leaves. It really never ends. Nor does the wedding. That's a task that is hand in hand with gardening.
Not to be left out, we have beautiful stamped concrete, which we love, but it needs to be sealed on a regular basis. No shortage of labour opportunities here.
Why do I love gardening?

That's kind of an easy one...it's the opportunities to share it with friends and family. To have a beautiful place to soak sunshine in and to spend time together in a place we tend and care for.
I've had 60 women play Family Feud in my backyard. What must the neighbors have thought?
We've spread out the tarp and slid down the little hill on hot summer days with my nieces.
I've had the pleasure of celebrating the end of the school year with girls graduating high school and young women happy to be done a hard year of school.
I've had friends gather around the fire and laugh late into the night. I've also hosted many Canada Day gatherings with the tables of yummy food and the perfect weather to enjoy it.
There is no mistaking the blessings that have come from my garden, from hard work and good friends. Really, if I can do it, anyone can.
All images taken in our yard 2006-2011 by me. Wow, I could keep going, but then I'd never get anything done around here. I think I might be blogging all week about gardening, you've been warned.

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