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I Will Survive...

I had a lovely Saturday afternoon attending one of my BFF's family be sealed in the temple. Really, is there something better? It allowed me to reflect on my own family and the many blessings that are mine. It was a hard week, not going to lie. The good news is, hard work can fix it, combined with some faith and prayer it will all be good. Great news is, I'm at the corner edge of a little time away from it all. If you don't hear from me for a week, just know that no news is good news!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I've been thinking about advertising and income in the blogosphere lately. . It seems everywhere I travel on the internet people are trying to profit from their blog. Every week there is a new online course to take, new blog sponsors highlighted and giveaways galore. I gotta be honest with myself on this, it kinda sucks the fun out of the blog hopping for me. Even some of my favorite bloggers are starting to feel less like individuals and more like commercials for a product (themselves) and I have such little tolerance for commercials.
I listened to a wonderful vlog on the topic by Lisa Hoffman, who explores the topic in a wonderful way and highlighted a few powerful thoughts. One I particularly connected to was the passage from Madeleine L'Engle, where she talks about how sometimes we choose to understand ourselves by looking in the wrong mirrors, "I've looked for an image in someone else's mirror and so have avoided seeing myself." L'Engle writes a…

6 years in the garden

Here's a little cyber garden tour of what has been growing and attempted in the past six years of gardening here in our little patch of earth. A garden evolves, and nothing reminds me more of this than our back woodland garden. It's still not done! Patience, a lesson learned from gardening. Those darn rocks have been the bane of my gardening existance. They once lined the way between the lawn and the garden, it was a horrible pain, where grass would grow through and be impossible to trim properly. It always looked unfinished.
Here you can see what I mean. Kia is standing on the border of rocks, but I'd already started moving rocks into the garden to create a meandering creek bed vibe.
Note the little skunk trap in the distance. Yes, my garden has produced 3 skunked dog encounters. Not so lovely. But back to the rock bed, so much work, but I'm really pleased with the result. Lots of trial and error has gone into discovering what grows and does not grow in this ar…

the SKETCHBOOK project

The sketchbook project is a brilliant idea sponsored by art house co-op out of Brooklyn. The idea is to create a tour of completed sketchbooks that tour the country, only they are done by both famous and regular art minded individuals. There is no filter, other than seeing your intention to finish and returning your completed sketchbook for the tour.
The sketchbook is provided by the co-op and then the artist picks a theme for their sketchbook. I've been following the 2010 group and have been in LOVE with what they have produced, here are a few of my favorites.

If you are ever looking for some online entertainment go to YouTube and search "The Sketchbook Project". The results are amazing! You'll wonder how they ever could give them back.

Art Journaling: The Unfinished Page

On one the message boards I frequent I responded to a discussion about someone feeling as though there page was undone, or's my take on the unfinished page:
I think sometimes a page isn't done because the message of the page isn't done within us. I have found that sometimes the lesson is in pushing to finish it, but sometimes the lesson is to leave it, turn the page and move forward with the intention to revisit that page in the future. I have pages that I have gone back to a year later and was final able to complete, in ways that I wasn't able to perceive before.
Art journaling is such a reflection of who we are and where we are. When we start we are all about the base, its so hard to see beyond that first level, to mark up the beauty of that first wash of color. My first art journal was filled with washes of color, almost entirely before I had the vision to add messages, text and imagery to the page. For me I realized that the process of adding …

May Long Weekend at Home!

In anticipation for a long weekend out of doors, where the mosquitoes live, I set up the screen house this afternoon but now it looks as though it is going to rain buckets, which figures, but hey, I stuck in some pegs to keep it earthbound and rain eventually stops, so it's all good. Kia has a friend over for a sleep over as today was the last day of school for the week, and the two of them our snuggled up inside the screen house using it as a tent and calling it a backyard campout. Of course, they have a DVD player in there and are about to watch a movie, so they're not really roughing it!
Kinda missing our Fairmont tradition, but it's just been pushed a couple weeks away from now, I can practice patience.

Mother's Day Monday

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh
The glowing orb of celebratory mom's day fare has probably been pulled off the fridge by now, but I wanted to share this lovely thought with all the Mom's out there who might get this quote. It resonated with my today and made me right a bullet style letter to myself 12 years ago:
Dear New Mother,
Be kind to yourself, just as your baby is new to the world, so are you. You are fragile and new and so tender. A piece of you has been exposed to the world, you are so keen on protecting it and nurturing it and that you don't realize that you too need nourishment and protection. Let the new mother that you have become find her own legs, her own voice, her own purpose. You will be tempted to fall back and become the mother you had. It will seem so much easier. Let her walk beside you, but do not confuse he…

More of the same

Why am I calling this challenge 2 photos a day when I'm sharing like 6? I'm so abstract random. Just like my studio, when it's cleaned up...the workshop is suddenly calling his name and he must spend the Saturday puttering in the garage. Yay, that was the success! Russ has been hard at work making workshop storage I'm pretty sure there is a more technical name but I don't know it. Something to do with his router...????
Kia is everywhere, practicing volleyball, drawing with chalk, playing with the dog, gardening, helping, telling stories, jumping on the trampoline, studying for a test, eating a snack...then repeat. So busy!
Some of the chalk drawings and her fairy garden all weeded and ready for a spring planting.
The Rooster who has been outside sniffing and exploring ALL day and is currently exhausted and sound asleep beside Kia upstairs.
I've been edging the woodland garden, and weeding. Endlessly weeding. I sat in one spot for half and…

Ghost Post

Blogger has been a bit fussy the last 24 hours and it looks like yesterday's post went awol. Boy did you miss out, if you didn't see it...haha! Right. I won't redo it yet, as I'm thinking it will mysteriously reappear eventually. Ghost post!Here's a shot of Russyl's workshop. It might not look that amazing to anyone but us, but we know how crappy this corner was looking prior to this photo. The junk wood pile that was moved, the dusting that was done, I'm happy we made this much progress so I'm just going to be pleased for a minute prior to thinking of how much is left out of this camera frame and directly behind where I was standing. I had a great day in the garden yesterday, happily churning soil, popping dandelions heads up, and collecting sticks knocked down from the tree from the ferocious wind we've been having. I don't know where the time goes when I'm outside working, really it's missing time and absolute focused play for m…

Math is not my strong suit

Which translates into: 3 photos for 2 photo a day challenge.

There are two stories in this photo. One being, my windows - eww, gross! Time to pull out some windex, eh? Second, Kia and two of her besties walked home for lunch yesterday and enjoyed it like lunching diva's in the back, on the patio, with lots of laughs and conversation. It was, trust me on this, adorable.
I'm not one to brag about or complain about money on my blog and today is no exception, except to share this photo of Canadian Tire money that has been collected for quite some time, probably even some circa my dad. Russ thought there was more (It's about $30 worth), and I guess I should tell him now that there was, but that was before I spent half of this wad on a steam cleaner back in January. :) Sorry dear, but our kitchen door fronts thank you for your sacrifice.
One of the canvas bags has been completed. I feel a new addiction coming on.

My Mother's Day Gift and Painting Canvas Shopping Bags

I have a love of handmade gifts and really, in my world there is nothing better that you can give me, especially on Mother's Day. Miss Kia has been working on these little stitches for a couple months with the Activity Day girls from church. I love that her leaders took the time to plan out this project and I'm so in love with the result!
Yesterday afternoon Miss Kia and I pulled out some plain canvas bags and we started painting our own designs on them. So far so good! Hope to share the finished look on tomorrow's photo blog. Best advice on canvas bag painting...don't waste time on titles like gym bag, beach this will limit the possibilities of what and where you can use it.
Yesterday I was feeling really disenchanted with life. Not depressed, just a tad lost at sea, bored, and deflated. So I headed outside, swept off the patio, raked leaves, dug in the dirt and lost myself in some much needed yard work. No, it didn't take the feeling away, but someth…