On three little insights

On Dog Ownership

Roopert is the Melvin Udall of the Yorkie kingdom. This dog has some major neurosis. Lately he won't eat in a regular way, the ONLY way to get him to eat is to shine the light laser around his eating area, yes really. To which he will respond with rapid tale wagging and manic eating. You can also get him to eat by saying, "where's your ball?" But only while actually playing with his ball, during a time where he has dropped far from your reach and you'd like to throw it again.

With the spring thaw upon us, the weather is such that he can go for walks again. Help me! I (stupidly) forgot what a nightmare it is walking this little 10 lb bark machine. He's not all bad, thus he lives, he makes us laugh, he gives lots of love, and you can tell the intention behind the bark is a desire to protect and probably a pure love of making noise.

On Spring Cleaning

Kia ditched the school ski trip and stayed home yesterday. I decided to put her to work and not make it a fun "skip out on school" day. Really, it was put US to work as we ended up rearranging her entire bedroom. We unearthed a mountainous pile of candy, really what on earth could she be saving it all for - and thus came to the realization that she isn't really a candy eater. Chocolate yes, pez and candy necklaces - no. We found the Nintendo charger we lost and replaced and the replaced charger and yet another mysterious third cord - we are rich in Nintendo chargers. I steam cleaned the walls, she brutally edited her book shelf, we purged clothes and reorganized her jewelry collection. By 7:00 (6 hours later -of off and on work) she finally finished, room vacuumed, shelves dusted, showroom ready.

On Finding Time for Art

Well that line says it all. I have so many good things that I can fit into my life, it's really about finding a balance. Carolyn Rasmus spoke at a TOFW a few years ago and talked about Simplifying our lives. An exert from Good reads:
Based on the premise that the most destructive aspect of stress is what it does to us spiritually, the author outlines eight principles--using each letter of the word SIMPLIFY--to keep us from becoming so distracted by trivial commmitments that our spiritual view is dulled.
S - Still
I - Integrity
M - Mercy
P - Prudence (pruning)
L - Let Go
I - Impossible
F - Fortify
Y - You

Some people consider my pursuit of art and writing to be trivial pursuits and truly, if they define trivial pursuits as areas of our lives that produce no financial gain - yes, these are trivial pursuits in my life. It took me years to truly let go of that judgment, even though I'm still effected by them. I'm reminded by this little list of words that art provides me with Stillness. It puts me in a place where the impossible becomes possible and truly I am fortified and stronger because of the small little windows of time I take out of my life to pursue art and creativity.

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