5 Random Photo's in 5 Minutes

Haven't shared any photos in a little while and I realized that was because I haven't been taking any. So to remedy that, I grabbed my camera, snapped around the house for 5 minutes and well, in desperation, decided to pick 5 to share.

Starting in the studio...here are a few projects Keeks has been working on. I've seen such improvement in her confidence level to try new things. As I was working on my last art course, she decided to join in. She's still not quite done a few of her paintings, but I'm so impressed with how far she's come!
Kia's love of art is evident in her bedroom. She has an entire wall dedicated to art projects we've done. As our collection grows, I hope to add a couple art shelves so that she can better display her ever growing collection, while some gets curated to storage for a time.
The Spring Melt is upon us. Vast amounts of white stuff is melting on a daily basis. So much further to go before it's good and gone, but it's a start and I'm grateful.
As luck would have it the mailman was arriving just as I snapped this shot of the Rooster. He's gearing up for quite a ferocious performance of barking, running, whining, growling and jumping. In the background you can see paint sample colors on the wall...can't wait to paint the moss green away and embrace some blue. Though I'm finding that the discovery of the perfect blue is a very difficult pursuit!
Back down in the studio. A shot of my art journals. Some little images I've been working on. I have set a big goal for myself to complete both journals by my birthday in July (exactly 1 year since I started them both). The big black one is easily a couple hundred pages...while the one above is a homemade journal I made using Teesha Moore's YouTube tutorial. Working consistently on these - a little everyday - I should get there!
Well, that's a little group of images from a quiet Friday afternoon. Much to get done, so I best get to it. Happy Weekend!

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