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This Delights Me

Moleskines + The Little Prince = Perfect marketing scheme for one Northern girl!

Woodbadge, I am doing it

Everything scouting today. E V E R Y T H I N G. I think I might even be smelling like a scout. Nice. No royal wedding countdown for me (so not on my radar).

Mapping Diligence

I would like to meet the person who feels they are absolutely on the right path, every moment of every minute. Really, we all need some moments of check and balance. Self reflection is truly a powerful tool.
I think of my husband who has always known what he wanted to do for a living. Never questioned it, never veered off course, though the road has provided some treacherous driving conditions, he has been alert at the wheel. Often it's been slow and steady, plodding toward his ultimate course. Sometimes he doesn't see the big picture behind each decision or detour, but the ultimate destination remains the same. I doubt he factored in all the variables yet he adapts and makes adjustments and keeps on expanding and growing and inching ever forward.
Diligence. That attribute I yearn for, is something I see in my partner. Let me not make light of his journey by making it sound easy, it has not been, and the challenges he has faced and still faces are his own. I simply wa…

In the Studio

A small abstract I did that began as a primary color study and ended up looking like some otherworldly volcano. Must admit I love abstract work that allows you to recognize something within it's abstract nature. So delightful to me.
In heaven with paint pastels charcoal acrylic paint and even some ribbon wand making. My time happily spent between 5 or 6 ongoing projects. One needs to dry and it's off to the other.
A glimpse of life in the studio. Playing in my handmade art journal as I admire the work of some of my favorite abstract artists. Flora Bowley was today's artist study and I adore her bright palette and style. A stretch for me, but a good stretch.

how the mighty have fallen

I may take this back at a later date but, I want spring so badly, I'd even welcome dandelions. I'm not even hoping for a perfect spring, a flawed one will do. How quickly my ideas of perfection can be dashed and replaced by sloppy seconds. Haven't been posting for awhile, life's a good productive busy and I just haven't found the time to fit it all in, or even try to for that matter. Working on a big photo post for later this week, until then, take care of yourselves!

5 Random Photo's in 5 Minutes

Haven't shared any photos in a little while and I realized that was because I haven't been taking any. So to remedy that, I grabbed my camera, snapped around the house for 5 minutes and well, in desperation, decided to pick 5 to share.
Starting in the are a few projects Keeks has been working on. I've seen such improvement in her confidence level to try new things. As I was working on my last art course, she decided to join in. She's still not quite done a few of her paintings, but I'm so impressed with how far she's come!
Kia's love of art is evident in her bedroom. She has an entire wall dedicated to art projects we've done. As our collection grows, I hope to add a couple art shelves so that she can better display her ever growing collection, while some gets curated to storage for a time.
The Spring Melt is upon us. Vast amounts of white stuff is melting on a daily basis. So much further to go before it's good and gone, but it…

On three little insights

On Dog Ownership
Roopert is the Melvin Udall of the Yorkie kingdom. This dog has some major neurosis. Lately he won't eat in a regular way, the ONLY way to get him to eat is to shine the light laser around his eating area, yes really. To which he will respond with rapid tale wagging and manic eating. You can also get him to eat by saying, "where's your ball?" But only while actually playing with his ball, during a time where he has dropped far from your reach and you'd like to throw it again.
With the spring thaw upon us, the weather is such that he can go for walks again. Help me! I (stupidly) forgot what a nightmare it is walking this little 10 lb bark machine. He's not all bad, thus he lives, he makes us laugh, he gives lots of love, and you can tell the intention behind the bark is a desire to protect and probably a pure love of making noise.
On Spring Cleaning
Kia ditched the school ski trip and stayed home yesterday. I decided to put her to work …

Conference Weekend

Food. PJ's. Conference on TV. More food. where to go. YAY! Check out the Conference Weekend section over at our Workman Family Recipe blog for some recipes. Enjoy!