Yes, Master

The week I have been waiting for with FlyLady has arrived:The Master Bedroom. Like most of us, I neglect this room. The top of our dressers become a catch-all for the stuff I don't know what to do with or don't have time to deal with. Plus it's small. I don't have the blessing of living in a newer home where the Master Bedroom is this amazing size with a gorgeous walk-in closets and a giant bathroom. We're living like Englishmen over here in a house that's a year older than we are. Our room has been brown since we moved in. Sadly, it will be staying this way a few months more, as I have no desire to paint it while it's freezing out. I do have dreams though, dreams of lighter walls, better closet organization and a new toilet in the master bathroom. I don't want much...honest. Those three things could see me through another 3 years in this house, then we'll need to talk. Talk about something bigger and better, more of a retreat, with a fireplace. A girl can dream.
Anyways, on with reality and today's task is cleaning out the dresser drawers - and parting with those items that no longer fit or are needed. Something even people with a bedroom like the one above must have to do also, right?

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