Shabby Apple

My recent obsession is dresses. I always thought I didn't have the figure for wearing them, but realized that I just needed to admit to the figure I really do have and I've actually found a couple dresses recently that I love. My favorite favorite place to look at dresses is the online shop: Shabby Apple. The dresses are gorgeous, stylish and usually modest to boot. I must say I haven't ordered any dresses from this site, as I still feel my best bet for finding what works is by trying them on, I have had great luck finding dresses that fit at The Bay and Winners.

Some of my favorite dresses from Shabby Apple are the Liz and Darcy dress, the Champs Elysees dress, the Ingrid dress, and as a Mom to a girl who now shops in the ladies section, I can't help seeing Kia in everything! What dress sites or dresses do you love? Please point me towards some websites that you love or styles that speak to you.

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